Listen to our new song “On The Rocks”, from the upcoming album Mended With Gold

by The RAA on August 19, 2014

Like a lot of our songs, “On the Rocks” had a lengthy gestational period. The core elements of the song have been around for a while now, but it wasn’t until we sat down to start working on “Mended with Gold” that I feel the three of us were really on the same page with it.

When I initially wrote “On the Rocks”, it was more of a delicate finger picked song. However, after we wrapped recording of “Departing” I started playing around with it as a keyboard version and I really wanted to take it more in the vein of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. While still touring the last record in late 2012, we still tried it as a guitar song but it just didn’t seem to click the same way as it did the first time we started performing it and as it appears on the album now.

The song itself is an amalgamation of a lot of different memories and emotions, but the heart of it centers around the acceptance of an ending relationship. I’m personally really happy with the chorus of the song:

Our Hearts they were strong / Never made a sound
Our love was on the rocks / The day we let it out
Nothing going wrong / Nothing going down

There is a resignation to the chorus, but not in a hurtful way; it’s more an honest acceptance.

As an additional note, one of the events which inspired “On the Rocks” is related to my first trip out to Newfoundland well over a decade ago. So I’m also pretty happy with the double entendre as it relates to the song. We may be The Rural Alberta Advantage, but anyone from who was knows Northen Alberta (ie. Fort McMurray) will understand that Newfoundland isn’t too far out of my wheelhouse. – Nils

Some of our best songs are the ones that we ripped apart and put together over and over, like Stamp off Departing and Frank off Hometowns. On The Rocks is one of those. It started as a warm, folky song, but we were getting frustrated with it. Then Nils had this awesome idea for a electronic rhythm and feel, and it felt right immediately – probably my favourite on the record. – Paul

Our new album, Mended With Gold, will be released on September 30th with a huge tour behind it starting in Detroit on October 9th! We can’t wait to see you all soon.

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– The RAA