Thank You Amy

by The RAA on September 12, 2016

Hey everybody,

Amy has some news to share, and we’d like to let her share it. We’ll have some exciting RAA announcements for you guys soon. For right now, we just want to say: Amy, thank you and we love you. – Nils and Paul

To our fans & friends,

I have loved being a part of the RAA, but I’ve decided to step away from the old bass pedals, at least for now.  But I couldn’t leave without thanking you for the memories that we’ve shared together.  It has been an honour to visit your cities and countries and towns and festivals, and to perform for you and meet you and talk and take pictures and laugh and sometimes cry with you.  These are all moments I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I’ll always be grateful to you for listening to our band and giving us the gift of the last eleven years.

Paul and Nils are my brothers for life, and they’re going to continue to be the amazing geniuses that they are and give you everything they have.  Give them hugs for me when you see ‘em out on the road.

Thanks again.

–AMY xoxo