Brother + The Wild

by The RAA on August 29, 2017

The Rural Alberta Advantage will release their new album, The Wild, on October 13 with longtime label partners Saddle Creek in the US and Paper Bag Records in Canada, Europe and the UK. Pre-orders for the album are now available on digital and limited edition colour vinyl exclusive to each of the labels’ online shops.

Album pre-orders for the US can be found here.

Album pre-orders for Canada/UK/EU can be found here.

Today, we’re also sharing the stunning hand-painted video for the album’s first single “Brother”.

“Some people might hear the song as something bleak or overly dark, but I don’t really see it that way,” says Edenloff about “Brother”. “In my mind, it’s always been more about finding comfort in change, trying to embrace the idea of an unknown outcome and how those can often bring about the most positive result that you never knew was there.”

The Wild track list:

1. Beacon Hill

2. Bad Luck Again

3. Alive

4. Brother

5. Toughen Up

6. White Lights

7. Alright

8. Selfish Dreams

9. Wild Grin

10. Letting Go

North American tour dates are now on sale for all shows beginning on October 20th.

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